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Photographs of JRCPA projects
Students, faculty and communities

Adrian College and Cambios, Inc.

Cambios was founded in 1997 in response to a racial incident in the Adrian community with the primary goal to address racism and discrimination by working with local elementary school teachers and students through multicultural children's literature. Volunteers for the Reading to Eliminate All Discrimination (R.E.A.D.) Program - middle and high school students, college students, and adult volunteers - read one book in local elementary classrooms each week and discuss the themes of the book with the students.

Aquinas College and the Baxter Wholistic Health Clinic - Get the Lead Out!

Get the Lead Out! is a partnership between the Aquinas College Community Leadership Institute, the Baxter Wholistic Health Clinic, and more than two dozen community partners working together to end childhood lead poisoning in Kent County. The Community Leadership Institute facilitates the collaborative while the Health Clinic serves as the nexus for community partners by virtue of its location in the city neighborhood requiring the greatest efforts in lead abatement. The partner organizations represent such diverse organizations as housing providers, medical providers, early childhood development, environmentalists, community organizations, higher education, government and others.

Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo Public Schools

Each year the partnership between Kalamazoo College and the Kalamazoo Public Schools involves over 300 Kalamazoo College students and more than 1,000 Kalamazoo Public School students in six to ten different public schools. The purpose of the partnership is to improve academic achievement and behavior, raise aspirations and abilities among the public school students; promote citizenship skills among Kalamazoo College students; and engage students, faculty, and community members in sustained partnerships that foster collaborative learning and civic participation in a diverse democratic society.

Detroit Community Academic Urban Research Center
The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and various Detroit Community-Based Organizations

Detroit Community Academic Urban Research Center The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor and various Detroit Community-Based Organizations The Detroit Community Academic Urban Research Center (URC) develops, implements, and evaluates interdisciplinary, collaborative, community-based participatory research and intervention projects that aim to improve the health and quality of life for residents of the east and southwest sides of Detroit. The Detroit URC involves collaboration among the University of Michigan Schools of Public Health, Social Work and Nursing, the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, nine community-based Organizations and Henry Ford Health System. The URC seeks to maintain an effective partnership that identifies problems affecting the health of residents of the city and promotes, supports, and conducts interdisciplinary, collaborative, community-based participatory public health research which builds upon and enhances the resources and strengths in the communities involved.


The Watershed Harvesting Program of St Agnes College, Karnataka with students, faculty, community, community leader and the area harvested.

Polio Eradication Program at Aligarh Muslim University in Uttar Pradesh